Grassroots Edison's ideas

When he saw Wang Liangren, general manager of Taizhou lainke alarm Co., Ltd., he was standing next to a "Tin House" with a screwdriver in his hand. The hot weather made him sweat a lot and his white shirt was wet.

"Guess what this is?" He patted the big guy around him, and the iron sheet made a "bang". From the appearance, "Tin House" looks like a wind box, but Wang Liangren's expression tells us that the answer is not so simple.

Seeing everyone looking at each other, Wang Liangren smiled boldly. He took off the disguise of the "Tin House" and revealed an alarm.

Compared with our surprise, Wang Liangren's friends have long been accustomed to his "wonderful ideas". In the eyes of his friends, Wang Liangren is a "great God" with a particularly good brain. He especially likes to study all kinds of "rescue artifacts". He often draws inspiration from the news for inventions and creations. He has independently participated in the research and development of the company with as many as 96 patents.

Alarm "enthusiast"
Wang Liangren's infatuation with sirens dates back to more than 20 years ago. By chance, he had a strong interest in the alarm that only made a monotonous sound.
Because his hobbies are too small, Wang Liangren can't find "confidants" in his life. Fortunately, there are a group of "enthusiasts" who communicate and discuss together on the Internet. They study the subtle differences of different alarm sounds together and enjoy it.

Wang Liangren is not highly educated, but he has a very sensitive business sense. After coming into contact with the alarm industry, he smelled business opportunities“ The alarm industry is too small and the market competition is relatively small, so I want to try. " Perhaps the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. In 2005, Wang Liangren, only 28, plunged into the alarm industry and founded Taizhou Lanke alarm Co., Ltd. and opened his road of invention and creation.
"At the beginning, I just made a conventional alarm in the market. Later, I tried to develop it independently. Slowly, I have accumulated more than a dozen patents in the field of alarm." Wang Liangren said that now the company can produce nearly 100 types of alarms.
Moreover, Wang Liangren is also very famous among "alarm enthusiasts". After all, he is now the producer and owner of the "defender", the world's largest alarm reported by CCTV. In early August this year, Wang Liangren, with his beloved "defender", boarded the CCTV "fashion science and technology show" column and brushed a wave of sense of existence.
In the plant area of lainke, the reporter saw this "behemoth": it is 3 meters long, the speaker caliber is 2.6 meters high and 2.4 meters wide, and it is more than enough for six strong men with a height of 1.8 meters to lie down. Matched with its shape, the power and decibels of the "defender" are also amazing. It is estimated that the sound propagation radius of the "defender" can reach 10 kilometers, covering more than 300 square kilometers. If it is placed on Baiyun Mountain, its sound can cover the whole urban area of Jiaojiang, while the coverage of general electroacoustic air defense alarm is less than 5 square kilometers, which is also one of the reasons why "defenders" can obtain invention patents.
Many people wonder why Wang Liangren spent four years and nearly 3 million yuan to develop such an "unsold" alarm?
"In the year of the Wenchuan earthquake, I saw the collapsed houses and rescue news in the disaster area on TV. I thought that when I suddenly encounter such a disaster, there will be network and power outages. How can I urgently remind people in the fastest and most effective way? I think it is very necessary to develop such equipment." Wang Liangren said that in his heart, saving lives is far more important than making money.
It is worth mentioning that the "defender" born because of the Wenchuan earthquake has another advantage, because it has its own diesel engine, which can be started in only 3 seconds, which can win valuable time for avoiding disasters.
Regard news as a "source of inspiration for invention"
For ordinary people, news may only be a channel to obtain information, but for Wang Liangren, a "grass-roots Edison", it is the source of invention inspiration.
In 2019, the heavy rainfall brought by the super typhoon "lichema" trapped many residents of Linhai City in the flood“ If you use the alarm for help, the penetration is strong enough for the nearby rescue team to hear. " When Wang Liangren saw in the newspaper that some trapped people were unable to send their distress messages in time due to power failure and network disconnection, such an idea came to mind. He began to put himself in a position to think, if he was trapped, what kind of rescue equipment would help?
Electricity is the most critical factor. This alarm should not only be used in case of power failure, but also have power storage function to temporarily charge the mobile phone. According to this idea, Wang Liangren invented the hand-operated alarm with its own generator. It has the functions of self sound, self light and self power generation. Users can manually shake the handle to generate power.
After gaining a firm foothold in the alarm industry, Wang Liangren began to think about producing various emergency rescue products, trying to shorten the rescue time and strive for more vitality for the victims.
For example, when he saw someone jumping from a building on the news and the life-saving air cushion was not inflated fast enough, he developed a life-saving air cushion that needed only 44 seconds to inflate; When he saw the sudden flood and the people on the shore could not rescue in time, he developed a life-saving "throwing device" with higher throwing accuracy and longer distance, which could throw the rope and life jacket into the hands of the trapped people at the first time; Seeing the high-altitude fire, he invented the slide escape slide, from which the trapped can escape; Seeing that the flood caused serious vehicle losses, he invented a watertight car clothes, which can protect the vehicle from being soaked in water
At present, Wang Liangren is developing a protective mask with high protection and good permeability“ When COVID-19 happened, a photo of Li Lanjuan's stripper was seen on the Internet. Because she wore a mask for a long time, she had left a deep impression on her face. Wang Liangren said that he was moved by the photo and thought of designing a more comfortable mask for front-line medical staff.
After painstaking research, the protective mask has been basically formed, and the special structural design makes the mask more airtight and more filterable“ I think it's a little poor. The transparency is not high enough, and the comfort level needs to be improved. " Wang Liangren said that because masks are mainly used for epidemic protection, we should be more cautious and put into the market later.
Be willing to "throw the money into the water"
It is not easy to invent, and it is more difficult to realize the transformation of patent achievements.
"I've seen a data before. Only 5% of the patented technologies of domestic non job inventors can be transformed, and most of them only stay at the level of certificates and drawings. It's rare to really put into production and create wealth." Wang Liangren told reporters that the reason is that the investment cost is too high.
Then he took out a rubber object in the shape of glasses from the drawer and showed it to the reporter. This is a goggle designed for patients with myopia. The principle is to add a protective accessory to the glasses so that the eyes are not exposed to the air“ The product looks simple, but it costs a lot of money to make it. In the future, we have to constantly invest money to adjust the mold and material of the product to make it more fit people's face. " Before the finished products came out, Wang Liangren could not estimate the time and money spent.
Moreover, before this product is put into the market, it is difficult to judge its prospect“ It may be popular or unpopular. Ordinary enterprises will not risk buying this patent. Fortunately, Ryan can support me to make some attempts. " Wang Liangren said that this is also the reason why most of his inventions can go to the market.
Even so, capital is still the biggest pressure facing Wang Liangren. He has invested the capital accumulated by himself in the early stage of entrepreneurship into innovation.
"Early research and development is hard, but it is also a process of laying the foundation. We should be willing to 'throw the money into the water'." Wang Liangren focused on the original innovation and carried the setbacks and bottlenecks encountered in invention and creation. After several years of painstaking cultivation, the emergency rescue products produced by Lenke have been recognized by the industry, and the enterprise development has stepped on the right track. Wang Liangren has made a plan. In the next step, he will make some attempts on the new media platform, improve the awareness of "rescue artifact" at the public level through short video communication, and further tap the market potential.